What if a shift in perspective could change everything?

You’ve tried all kinds of self-help techniques and yet still find yourself stuck in unwanted behaviors. You have some temporary success in some areas, but it doesn’t seem to stick and you find yourself back at square one.

As you begin to experience the understanding behind ULTRA EFT for yourself, you will unlock a new powerful perspective.

The solution lies in a true paradigm shift that is simple yet profound, and holds the key to freedom from these old self-defeating patterns and blockages.

It’s about seeing it all differently.

The solution has been within you all this time

As you listen through this free one hour introductory course, expect to see something really new about how you experience life, like how:

Happiness is always only one thought away 
You are always connected to yourself, even when it doesn’t feel like it
Your experience of life is not based on external circumstances
You don’t need to be afraid of your emotions
You always have access to your inner resilience, peace and wisdom
You don’t have try try to control your thinking

Life is about to start getting easier

As you experience the understanding behind this approach, you will start to have insights that will truly transform your life in unexpected and wonderful ways.

ULTRA EFT stands for Understanding Life Through Realization and Awareness Emotional Freedom Technique.

It’s kind of like Eckhart Tolle meets What The Bleep!

About this FREE mini-course

In just 60 minutes you'll have the potential to radically change your perspective.
Includes: 8 concise on-demand video modules with very easy to understand material 

Leesa Watt

What I love about your style is that if feels so supportive, non-judgmental and not prescriptive. It feels like you trust ‘us’ to find our own way in our own time. So affirming to say the least.  Since learning about ULTRA EFT, as soon as I start down the path of worrying about what other people think or when feeling uncomfortable about anything, I am getting much better at recognizing what is going on. The result? feeling more peaceful, content and okay with what is than I ever have in my whole life! 

Heidi Kuhn

THANK YOU! For giving me the opportunity to explore this in completely different way. It really brought up a sense of awareness, and empowerment that I don't have to repeat all the old patterns, I can look at them differently and that will help shape my happiness.

Victoria Gazeley

Crazy how well this ULTRA EFT stuff works! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful, engaging facilitation. I can’t thank you enough!  

About the instructor

Stephanie Wood is a an EFT Master Trainer and Advanced EFT Practitioner with EFT International.

She's been an EFT Practitioner since 2001 and incorporates various modalities in her sessions and programs.

Stephanie is the creator of ULTRA EFT (Understanding Life Through Realization and Awareness), a groundbreaking new modality that is highly effective and gentle. 

The solution is within you