DIY Tapping System

A simple step-by-step approach to learn to self-tap!

Tap your way to feeling great!

"I love using the DIY tapping worksheet! It's easy and I'm FINALLY getting results. " - Patricia Randolph, Ph.D.

Emotional and physical health at your fingertips.

You’ve tried tapping and aren’t getting the results you want. You aren’t clear about what to say when you tap. Imagine having a simple and clear system so you can tap your way to peace, joy and health with ease.

The DIY Tapping System teaches you to do just that!

Does this sound familiar?

You heard about EFT tapping, grabbed a book on it, tapped along with some videos and thought it was fascinating.

But you’re not getting the results everyone talks about.

You’re not alone!

I’ve heard from many trained EFT Practitioners who rarely self-tap.

They often go to see other EFT Practitioners who guide them because they haven’t mastered self-tapping.

Here's the thing:
It's actually easy to tap on yourself and to find the words.


The DIY Tapping System provides you with a foolproof structure, worksheets, and clear instruction on how to tap on yourself. 

It’s incredibly empowering to know that you have such an effective tool that you can use anytime, anywhere to improve your life. 

What you can expect in this course:

  • Learn what to say when you tap 
  • Apply the learning immediately and start getting results 
  • Feel confident and inspired to start your tapping practice 
  • Learn to correctly do EFT tapping from an accredited EFT Master Trainer 
  • Become much more efficient in working through issues 
  • Achieve the results you desire and understand what it takes to get there 
  • Learn additional tools and tips to help make your practice even better 
  • Learn to troubleshoot when you feel stalled in your progress 

Ready to take your healing into your own hands?


Isn't it about time you felt amazing?

learn at your own pace

Short audios and videos available on demand

feel confident

Within just a couple of hours, feel way more confident in your EFT knowlege

know what to say

Learn the simple system to figure out what to say every time you tap on yourself!


Course includes guides and tips for dealing with stuck spots

deal with memories

Learn to free the emotional charge in old memories 

get lasting results

Go deeper into your tapping practice to get the long-lasting results you want!

tool and techniques

These support you in your learning and tapping practice

help for complex issues

Worksheets and guides to help you tackle those biggies

Hi there, I'm Stephanie Wood

and tapping is my thing.

I am an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Master Trainer with EFT International and I’ve been an EFT Practitioner since 2001 and I’m the creator of ULTRA EFT.

It’s my passion to help others return to who they really are so they can live the life they desire. Learning how to do EFT tapping on yourself is one of the best ways to get there!

“I use the DIY Tapping Worksheet all the time. I used it to get over my chocolate addiction and it's been 3 years without a craving! 

Nancy Fletcher, R.N.

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  • DIY Tapping System Course
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    Learn to self-tap with this comprehensive online course

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